God is big and faith is fun. Because of that, I write and create products with the goal of helping you connect with God in a busy, noisy world.

Spiritual growth is for everyone. I am committed to increasing your confidence that you can grow on your own AND equipping you to help others grow spiritually.

No dictionary needed. I provide concise thoughts on the Christian faith. Spending some time each week interacting with my books will strengthen your faith, disarm your doubt, and restore your belief that the Bible can be trusted.

What do I do for fun? My beautiful wife Janine and I have been married for 26 years and we’re the parents of three amazing daughters. I love pizza (I’m a pizza snob, actually), I cheer for the Mets, I play sports, and I make frequent visits to the doctor (see “I play sports”).

Farah family / Fall 2015


For Those Who Like More Details . . .

I was born in New York City and lived there and in CT until age twenty. I spent the next fifteen years on the west coast: teaching high school English in Seattle, going to seminary in Portland, and working as a youth pastor in the suburbs of Seattle and later at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church in Southern California. I loved my time on the west coast but longed to return to my homeland and did so in 2002.

I am the founding pastor of Mosaic Manhattan Church (established 2003 and now named Lower Manhattan Community Church), located in the heart of downtown Manhattan, blocks away from the World Trade Center site. I started this church with my family of five and a vision to see a community of people seeking to Love God, Love People, and Serve the World. After six amazing years of ministry at Mosaic, I passed the leadership baton to a talented friend from my days in California, Ryan Holladay.

In 2009, I joined the team at Shelter Rock Church, a multi-site church on Long Island, about 30 miles east of NYC, and serve as the lead pastor of our Westbury location. This new season of life put us in our first house–much more room than our previous 2 BR apartment. Instead of  completely furnishing this larger house, we choose to run wildly throughout the house. (Shhhhh……)

I’m also on the Slingshot Group team. We help churches make great hires! Our goal is to staff and coach churches toward the remarkable!

I like to laugh, think, and learn about God, and I combine those elements in my writing. My experience with both urban and suburban living provides a unique perspective, as do my struggles with depression, diagnosis of Behcet’s disease (immune system disorder), and new requirement to check the “40-something” box on surveys. When you add my willingness to share my fears and doubts about life and whether or not God is really out there, I’m able to write some humorous, humbling, thought-provoking material.

I have written, contributed to, or edited over thirty published products, all of which focus on helping students grow spiritually or equipping adults to work with students. I’ve got several book proposals for an adult audience—for the purpose of entertainment and spiritual encouragement—and have dabbled in stand-up comedy…when I had much less grey hair.

Bonus Fact
My first name is Gregg but because my father shares the name, everyone in my family calls me by my middle name, Peter. Can be a bit confusing when friends and family are in the same room—but plenty of fun.

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