52 Reasons to Believe

Concise Thoughts on the Christian Faith

Have doubts about the Christian faith?

52 Reasons to Believe lets you confront your questions, disarm your doubt, and strengthen your spiritual life. It’s a devotional theology book that gives you concise thoughts on the Christian faith. Develop a stronger faith as you arm yourself with 52 Reasons to Believe.

Available in paperback or as an eBook.

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  • 20 characteristics and evidences of the Bible’s reliability and how each gives us a reason to believe the Bible is true.
  • 12 descriptions of God, each reminding us of who God is and why we can believe he is with us.
  • 13 characteristics of Jesus, stating who Jesus is and why we can confidently cling to him.
  • 7 traits of the Holy Spirit and how each gives us more reasons to believe.

Learn on your own or with a group, but develop a stronger faith as you arm yourself with 52 Reasons to BelieveIncludes curriculum ideas and sample lesson plan.


  • Reason to believe
  • Key quote
  • Did you know . . .
  • Link to your life
  • Small group discussion
  • Key verse
  • Prayer


52 Reasons to Believe is one of several books in THE 52 SERIES. Learn more about the series and the other available title, 52 Ways to Grow Your Faith.