My prayer…

In Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola’s excellent book Jesus Speaks, they write:

Unknown“So carve out time in your busy schedule to turn down the volume and posture your heart to be still before the Lord amid the carnival of distracting demands.” (p. 172)

I know this.

I need this.

I schedule this.

I don’t practice this.

Lord, help me.


Charity Water planned to launch a major campaign today called “Fight Dirty” to bring clean drinking water to people around the world. However, in light of the horrific bombing in Belgium today, they have hit PAUSE in order to allow all to focus their prayer and efforts on those in Belgium. Well done, Charity Water. You continue to excel as an organization bringing hope and clean water around the world. Learn more about their upcoming campaign HERE.Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 4.43.58 PM

True Love

12605439_10207615160409762_487546403208634876_oIf you’ve never read this book, it’s a terrific picture of the gospel, God’s good news for every person. Similarly, the opening line in the movie Ragamuffin (based on the life of Rich Mullins) by author Brennan Manning packs an equal punch: “I am now utterly convinced on judgement day, the Lord Jesus will ask one question and only one question: ‘Did you believe that I loved you?'”

I stumbled upon this Leonard Sweet quote and was captivated by it. Len wrote a blog post response to his critics and concluded with this line.

As I reflected on this line, a variety of images came to mind. I saw it as a filter…screening what I say, think , or do. I imagined it as a map, showing me where to go, or as a compass, pointing me in the right direction if (when) I veered off course. I saw the quote as a mirror, reminding me whose I am. Or an app, providing instant access to remind me of my purpose.

I concluded I want to live in such a way that I don’t need a sign over my doorpost. I want it to be clear to me and everyone I come in contact with: Jesus Christ lives here.

This quote from Pastor Craig Groeschel (from Leadership Summit) comes at a good time. I’m guilty of not honoring people because I don’t respect them. Well, if a superior “bothers” me, it doesn’t preclude me from honoring that person. Thanks, Craig, for this reminder and challenge.